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At Chicago Public Schools our mission is to provide a high-quality public education for every child, in every neighborhood, that prepares each for success in college, career, and civic life. As a district we have made core commitments to Academic Progress, Financial Stability and Integrity which includes a commitment to talented and empowered educators, high quality rigorous instruction and transparency.

What is Roster Verification?

In support of our mission, the district annaully engages in the process of REACH Teacher Evaluation (Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago), the district’s system of educator evaluation and support. The goal of REACH is to ensure the district has talented and empowered educators that are providing high quality, rigorous instruction. We achieve this by assessing educators’ professional practice (through classroom observations) and student growth, measured by Performance Task Growth and (when available/applicable) Value Added Growth.

In support of REACH evaluations, the district developed the annual Roster Verification process nine years ago to ensure that the data being utilized for REACH evaluations is accurate and fully representative of the courses and students they provided instruction to, including what percentage of instruction they provided and who they administered performance tasks to.

Teachers and school administrators complete roster verification by reviewing the data that has been entered into CPS’ data systems throughout the year that will be used for their REACH evaluation during their designated Roster Verification Window.

The Battelle for Kids Link Platform combines and organizes multiple data tables into two rosters, outlined below. The platform allows teachers and administrators to review, edit and finalize the data that will be included in their REACH evaluation.

  • The Class Roster
    • Lists students by course and teacher.
    • Teachers should confirm that all students they provided instruction to over the course of the year are represented on their class roster(s) and that the percent of instruction provided is correct.
    • This is used in the overall calculation of REACH as well as in Value Added Growth Calculations (if applicable).
  • The Performance Task Roster
    • Lists students by performance task, by teacher.
    • Teachers should confirm all students they administered a performance task to are represented on their performance task roster.
    • This is used in the calculation of performance task growth (if applicable)

Who Should Participate in Roster Verification?

  • District educators eligible for a REACH rating, which includes educators who:
    • Teach Pre-K through 12th Grade
    • Plan and provide instruction
    • Contribute to the assignment of grades
  • School Administrators and their Support Team
    • Each school’s principal should identify a Roster Verification lead and other administrative staff that can verify changes made during the verification window and assist staff in completing verification.


2022 Roster Verification

School Setup: 4/25/22 - 6/10/22

Roster Verification: 5/9/22 - 6/10/22

Principal Approval: 5/30/22 - 6/10/22

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