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Career Pathways Teacher Leaders

Career Pathways is a complex program with a goal of maximizing our best teachers to improve student outcomes. HISD’s Career Pathways program leverages the districts’ best classroom teachers to provide embedded instructional support to peers and to improve student outcomes while building an enhanced pool of campus leaders.  Our belief is that the solution to campus teacher performance gaps already exists in the building: Teacher Leaders.



  • Recognition for the best teachers on campus coupled with robust rewards including generous stipends, networking and career opportunities to help recruit and retain our best teachers in the classroom.
  • Uncompromised quality with a rigorous centralized screening process that identifies the “bright spot” Teacher Leaders that are effective or highly effective based on the Teacher Appraisal and Development System (TADS) rating.
  • Crystal clear roles and expectations defining exactly what Teacher Leaders do and do not do with built in accountability measures.
  • High quality skill development to help Teacher Leaders acquire the leadership and instructional skills to broaden their impact while building the capacity of novice and developing teachers.
  • Instructional support and coaching aligned to the TADS Instructional Practice Rubric, yet removed from appraisal process to safeguard the peer-to-peer coaching model.
  • Communities of practice (i.e., Professional Learning Communities, Instructional Rounds, Teacher Leader Campus Collaboratives, etc.) on campus and Problem-Solving Communities help Teacher Leaders expand their leadership/instructional skills, celebrate successes and identify solutions with their peers.
  • School Support Managers (SSM’s), from the Teacher Career Development team, provide ongoing coaching and support for Teacher Leaders and principals to ensure they meet program expectations, the metrics of each Teacher Leader role and campus goals.
  • Allocation of one Teacher Leader Specialist position for every 10 teachers at a campus.



Career Pathways Teacher Leaders support teachers from induction through highly effective status. The framework focuses on activities that promote campus-wide and individualized development for peer teachers.