The Tulsa Model for Observation and Evaluation

Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment to All

Tulsa Public Schools’ mission is to provide a quality learning experience to every student, every day, without exception. We know that the quality learning experiences require an effective teacher and leader at every site. In partnership with the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association, we are committed to closing achievement gaps and to serving all students in their pursuit of educational success.

We are delighted that as of May 2012, 90%+ of school districts in Oklahoma have selected the evidence-based Tulsa Model for Observation and Evaluation to be the best choice for their district.

To assist educators in their evaluation efforts, we’ve developed this portal to house a number of resources and tools to help you improve on your strengths and weaknesses as educators.

There are many ingredients to improving student achievement, but the most important driver is the effective teacher and effective leader. As such, the district must consistently define, measure and support effective teaching and leadership⎯in every classroom and every school.

On behalf of the District, thank you for the critical role you play in helping our students grow and succeed in school and beyond.

Deborah A. Gist, Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools

Impact of the Tulsa Model
  • Student achievement gains.
  • Improvements in identifying and distinguishing levels of professional performance for both teachers and evaluators.
  • More support for less than effective teachers and evaluators.
  • Exit of ineffective teachers and evaluators.
  • Alignment of professional development plans and evaluation findings.

"It's important for teachers to see where they are involved and where they need to do more. This gives us the ability to improve on our strengths and on our weaknesses."

–Stefanie Bartholomew, Tulsa Public Schools "Teacher of the Year 2011"