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Why Link? Video Series

To help administrators, principals, support teams, and teachers understand and prepare for the Roster Verification process, the "Why Link?" video series and Facilitation Guide are available to Ohio educators.

Download: Facilitation Guide

Video 1: Why Link? (7 minutes)
This first video, posted above, shows why districts should engage in the Roster Verification process.

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Video 2: What is Linkage, and How Will it Affect Student Growth? (5 minutes)
Video 3: Why is Linkage Important? (5 minutes)
Video 4: Linkage Roles for Principals/Support Teams (4 minutes)
Video 5: What is the Teacher Roster Verification Process? (3 minutes)
Video 6: What are the Final Steps with Linkage? (3 minutes)


Powered by Race to the Top
Teachers, principals, and administrators from Race to the Top and non-Race to the Top districts that participated in Roster Verification for the first time in 2012, share initial impressions of the process. The educators featured in this video share the key takeaways of the importance of having conversations early on, being open to questions, and taking ownership of the Roster Verification process.
(2 minutes)

Think Link video: PREPARATION

Powered by Race to the Top
Educators from Dublin City School District, Licking Heights Local School District, and Wooster City School District respectively share how they prepared at the district, school, and teacher level to complete Roster Verification. Key takeaways shared in this video are to take advantage of training opportunities and available resources, take the time for early preparation, engage teachers to ensure a transparent process, set up an inclusive building support team, and with thorough preparation, the Roster Verification is easy.
(5:04 minutes)

Think Link video: ADVICE

Powered by Race to the Top
After completing the Roster Verification process for the first time in 2012, teachers, principals, and administrators share guidance and best advice to those participating in Roster Verification for the first time in 2013. Key takeaways are to plan, communicate, and collaborate.
(2:08 minutes)


Implementation Tips from the Field

"I meet with building administrators as soon as the principal window opens to make the necessary district adjustments (adding gifted, intervention, and support teacher lists) that won't pull in from our student information system and review every roster to make additions/deletions we know of, prior to getting it in front of teachers. I find that putting in that time prior to the teacher window is very valuable."
-Tom Fry, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Granville Exempted School District

"To effectively roll out teacher value-added reports in fall 2013, we focused on a district-wide approach for fall 2012 to include several training events throughout the year, directly with teachers. The impact of our efforts include: Teachers have an understanding of the difference between growth and achievement; value-added information and its value for improving academic growth for all students; and members of each building have a support system in place, if they should have questions about the link/roster verification process or data interpretation."
-Dr. Machelle Kline, Director of Assessment and Alternative Education Services
Westerville City School District

"We engage our teachers early on with communication and transparency of the process. The 2012 Ohio Guidelines and FAQs document was studied by our team so we are all responding to questions consistently across our school."
-District Support Team

"I facilitate co-teaching discussions ahead of time regarding percent of instruction delivered."

"Principals are prepared with school records for student enrollment/withdrawn dates to assist/verify student mobility being entered in by the teacher."
-District EMIS Coordinator

"We bring teachers to the computer lab at one time and facilitatethe teacher steps to provide the forum for necessary discussions and to assume consistency."
-Assistant Principal

"The first year we hired two substitute teachers. As a substitute teacher took over the class for the teacher of record, we sat down individually with that teacher to complete his/her roster verification work."


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