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Update for the 2013−2014 School Year

Evaluations for Probationary Teachers—Minimum of One Per Semester
Though state law has loosened the minimum requirements for probationary teachers’ evaluations, the general process requirements of the Tulsa Model have not changed. The Tulsa Model will continue to require two evaluations per year for probationary teachers. Best practice and current research support frequent feedback and support to teachers, especially less experienced teachers.

Date-specific deadlines for the completion of evaluations have been removed from the Tulsa Model Evaluators’ Handbook to provide districts the flexibility to set their own deadlines. Specifically, the Handbook now requires the first evaluation to be completed during the fall semester and the second to be completed during the spring semester.

Evaluation of Career Teachers—Minimum of One Per Year
Because every teacher needs and deserves feedback regarding their instructional practices on a regular basis, the Tulsa Model will continue to require a minimum of one evaluation per year for career teachers regardless of their prior evaluation scores. While this practice exceeds the minimum requirements of new legislation, it supports the need to sustain and document high-caliber practices from year to year. Like last year, there is no date-specific deadline for the completion of the career teachers’ evaluations. Districts may establish their own deadlines.

To learn more, view the Senate Bill 207 and Tulsa Model Implications article.