TPS and Value-Added

What was TPS's approach to adopting value-added analysis?

Propelled by a growing national interest in educator effectiveness, and most recently, by Race to the Top funding, many states have passed legislation mandating that student growth or value-added measures be incorporated into educator evaluation systems.

Download value-added overview in pdf format.

As a TPS educator, how will value-added impact me?

TPS is currently using value-added analysis to measure the effectiveness of our practices and programs, identify and respond to our strengths and challenges, and improve student achievement. In the future, pursuant to state law, TPS also plans to use this value-added data as one of the components of teachers' and principals' evaluation scores.

Who is assisting TPS with its value-added analysis?

Propelled by its goal of increasing educator effectiveness, the TPS Board of Education and former Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard initiated extensive research and thorough investigation into the selection of a value-added provider in early 2010. These efforts initially resulted in the district's partnership with the Value-Added Research Center (VARC), housed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today, TPS has partnered with Education Analytics (EA), a non-profit formed as an outgrowth of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to provide value-added analysis. 

TPS is also partnering with Battelle for Kids, a national not-for-profit organization specializing in the use of value-added information to inform educational improvement. With support from Battelle for Kids, TPS is training educators to harness value-added information for improvement and take actions to solve challenges and leverage strengths.