Value-Added Reports

Tulsa Public Schools has made significant progress and achieved educational milestones that will have lasting results for the future of our students. With some recent changes with Project Schoolhouse, we’ve seen significant shifts in school populations, configurations and staff. It’s important as you review the school value-added reports, to recall that this is information used for improvement, not judgment. Providing teachers and schools with accurate measurements of student growth is a vital component of our work. We must support teachers and leaders by providing them the tools they need to improve student learning.

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Using the Value-Added Results

TPS is currently using value-added analysis to measure the effectiveness of our practices and programs, identify and respond to our strengths and challenges, and improve student achievement. In the future, pursuant to state law, TPS also plans to use this value-added data as one of the components of teachers' and principals' evaluations. Below are a few important guidelines as you view value-added results.

  1. Value-added results are not intended to "sort" or "rank" schools. This data is intended to broaden the understanding of value-added results and ensure understanding of the credibility of value-added information.
  2. Value-added is one component of the overall Teacher Leader Effectiveness System. Multiple measures are important in understanding the overall picture of what's happening in Tulsa Public Schools. Value-added is one of many measures.
  3. Begin the dialogue around strengths to leverage and opportunities for improvement. As reports and results are released, we expect that there will be significant discussion around what value-added results mean, and what they don't mean. There are many resources on the Tulsa Student Progress Portal to further your understanding of this measure and to inform your conversation.
  4. These results will be used for improvement, not judgment. Value-added analysis is a complex and evolving process for TPS, and we will make course corrections as data is collected. This initial work is intended for understanding, interpretation, improvement and use of value-added data.

Note: There may not be a Value-Added School Report for a particular school for one the following reasons:

  • All estimates within the report represented a single-teacher grade or subject. TPS will not publish these reports as they constitute a confidential record.
  • Reports do not exist for alternative schools this year.

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