E-Learning Videos

Value-Added: An Introduction

This brief video provides an introduction focusing on important concepts about achievement and value-added analysis. You will learn WHY value-added measures provide a more complete picture of the effectiveness of schools. The video also highlights the power of harnessing achievement measures AND value-added measures to provide a complete picture for school improvement. (This video contains a visual adaptation from The Leadership and Learning Matrix by Douglas B. Reeves, Ph.D.)

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Value-Added: The Oak Tree Analogy

The oak tree visual brings to life a conceptual analogy about value-added analysis. This video looks at concepts of achievement, simple growth and value-added analysis and demonstrates how together these measures provide a complete picture for school improvement. You will also learn how predictions for growth are made while adjusting for control variables to ensure the best outcomes. (This video depicts a visual analogy developed by VARC for instructional purposes.)

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Value-Added: Interpreting Reports

This review of value-added analysis will help you learn to read, interpret and understand value-added reports at the district, school and grade-levels. The video demonstrates how control factors and variables like prior-achievement and low-income status are taken into consideration in value-added analysis to help isolate the teacher’s and school’s contributions to student growth and to make predictions. (This video depicts visual representations of copyrighted VARC reporting for instructional purposes.)

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