As part of our Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) initiative, TPS selected a growth measurevalue-added analysisto help increase opportunities for student success by measuring academic growth. Using value-added measures, teachers and schools can continue to interpret the impact of their curriculum, instruction, programs and practices on student achievement.

Roster Verification

For the seventh year, we are pleased to provide to opportunity for educators to participate in roster verification to ensure our value-added data accurately represent the instruction taking placespecifically, which students were taught by which teacher(s) and the percent of instruction provided to each student. Through roster verification, teacher will review, edit and confirm their class rosters. Then, principals will approve the teacher-verified rosters.

Teachers in the following grades and subjects will participate in roster verification:

Grades K–3
MAP/MPG Math and Reading, including SPED

Grades 4–8
Math and Reading/ELA, including SPED

Grades 5 and 8
Science and Social Studies, including SPED

Grade 7
Geography, including SPED

Secondary EOIs
Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology I, English II, English III, Geometry and U.S. History, including SPED

Deepening Your Understanding: Additional Resources

To help teachers, principals and their designess understand and prepare for roster verification, the Why Link? video series and Facilitation Guide are available.

Video 1: Why Link? (7 minutes)

This first video shows why districts should engage in the roster verification process.

Roster verification provides the important opportunity for teachers, principals and their designees to ensure TPS value-added data accurately represent the instruction taking place in schools over the academic year.

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Video 2: What is Linkage, and How Will it Affect Student Growth? (5 minutes)
Video 3: Why is Linkage Important? (5 minutes)
Video 4: Linkage Roles for Principals/Support Teams (4 minutes)
Video 5: What is the Teacher Roster Verification Process? (3 minutes)
Video 6: What are the Final Steps with Linkage? (3 minutes)

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