Teacher Multiple Measures Report (MMR) Now Available

As part of TPS’ comprehensive educator evaluation system for feedback and professional growth, we are pleased to introduce the new Multiple Measures Report.

Available through this portal, the report provides TPS educators with up to three types of feedback for reflection, understanding and planning for continued improvement and success:

  1. Tulsa Model Data
    The foundation of TPS’ education evaluation is derived from the observation of teaching. Our model includes five domains, including classroom management, instructional effectiveness, professional growth, interpersonal skills, and professional involvement. Visit Talent Ed at tulsa.tedk12.com/perform and the Tulsa Model Portal at evaluation.tulsaschools.org for more information.
  2. Student Survey Results (when available)
    An integral part of teaching is reaching students. The student survey gives students a voice in their overall experience in the classroom and allows teachers to assess whether students are experiencing learning and their classroom environment in the intended way. Results are normed to other teachers in the district. Visit Tulsa's student survey online learning group at www.teachingchannel.org/groups/53774 for more information.
  3. Value-Added Data (when available)
    We measure student growth using the value-added methodology as part of teachers’ summative evaluation. The value-added student growth results, if available, are included for each subject taught. For each subject, we report whether results were below average, average or above average. This differs from value-added diagnostic reports (the colored bubble reports) as we combine categories to increase confidence. Visit valueadded.tulsaschools.org for more information.

Additional MMR Resources

Making Meaning Guide
Using your MMR
Overview PowerPoint
Student Survey FAQs
Student Survey Administration and Results


To discuss specific professional growth goals, contact your principal.

For technical questions, contact the TLE team at the ESC (second floor) at (918) 746-6223 or thetulsamodel@tulsaschools.org

Use the Multiple Measures Report to identify your most pressing professional growth areas and dig deeper. The Making Meaning Guide and Using Your MMR document are available to help you pinpoint these areas and provide suggestions for continued personal development.