Leader Multiple Measures Report (MMR) Now Available

As part of TPS’ comprehensive leader evaluation system for feedback and professional growth, we are pleased to introduce the new Multiple Measures Report.

Available through this portal, the report provides TPS leaders with up to three types of feedback for reflection, understanding and planning for continued improvement and success.

  1. McREL Data
    The foundation of TPS’ leader evaluation is based on the McREL Principal Evaluation System. The observation model includes three McREL leadership frameworks: managing change, focus of leadership and purposeful community. Visit the Searchsoft portal for more information.
  2. Perception Survey Data (district leaders will choose between the Tripod Student Survey or TPS' Teacher Perception Survey)
    2A. Student Survey Results
    An integral part of teaching is reaching students. The student survey gives students a voice in their overall experience in the classroom and allows teachers to assess whether students are experiencing learning and their classroom environment in the intended way. School level student survey results, which are a compilation of the student surveys from that site, are one of two options that leaders can choose as part of their quantitative measures. The individualized email link that leaders received provides access to the school's detailed report. Contact the TLE Office for more information.
    2B. Teacher Perception Survey Results
    A key component of leadership is reaching and supporting teachers. The Teacher Perception Survey provides performance data on the elements of leadership most observable by teachers. It also includes meaningful feedback about how leaders impact teacher practice and student learning, and allows leaders to incorporate teachers’ voices and experience into continuous improvement efforts. Teacher perception survey results are one of two options that leaders can choose as part of their quantitative measures. The individualized email link that leaders received provides access to a detailed report. Contact Sam Davidson at davidsa@tulsaschools.org for assistance accessing individual reports.   
  3. School Level Value-Added Data (when available)
    We measure student growth using the value-added methodology as part of leaders’ summative evaluation. The value-added student growth results, if available, are reported for individual schools. For each, we report whether results were below average, average or above average. This differs from value-added diagnostic reports as we combine categories to increase confidence. Each school's value-added data is not reported in the MMR unless the leader has been a principal or assistant principal at the building for at least two years prior to the reported school year. Visit valueadded.tulsaschools.org for more information.

We encourage leaders to talk with other administrators, the Tulsa Association of Elementary or Secondary Principals and ILDs to further understanding and plan for continued improvement and success.

Additional MMR Resources

McREL’s Principal Evaluation System
Tripod 7Cs Overview document


To discuss specific professional growth goals, contact your ILD.

For technical questions, contact the Data and Analytics team at the ESC (second floor) at 918-746-6527 or davidsa@tulsaschools.org.