At Tulsa Public Schools, we’re on a journey to performance excellence. Guided by our strategic plan and enthusiastic support from the community—including local government, philanthropic organizations, business and community groups, staff and parents—TPS strives to inspire a love of learning in every student while preparing them to achieve their goals. We are committed to preparing all students to graduate from high school ready for success, regardless of their background.  

Strategic Plan

Tulsa Public Schools is committed to our mission: To provide a quality learning experience for every student, every day, without exception. Learn more about the core goals that will help us achieve this mission.

Value-Added Analysis

Educators are using value-added analysis to improve their instruction. Find resources to further understanding, including overview materials, e-learning videos, access to reports and more.

Multiple Measures Report

The Multiple Measures Report provides up to three types of feedback for reflection, understanding and planning for continued improvement and success. Teachers and leaders use the Multiple Measures Report to identify their most pressing professional growth areas and dig deeper. 

Formative Instruction

Transforming practice through formative instruction is a powerful way to close the achievement gap. Access online learning to deepen understanding of formative instructional practices and balanced assessment systems.

Roster Verification

Roster verification provides the important opportunity for teachers, principals and their designees to ensure value-added data accurately represent the instruction taking place in schools over the academic year. Check out the timeline and learn more about who is involved.