About Battelle for Kids

Battelle for Kids is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and innovative solutions for today’s complex educational-improvement challenges.

Our mission-driven team of education, technology, communications and business professionals specializes in creating strategies that advance the development of human capital, the use of strategic measures, the implementation of effective practices, and communication with all stakeholders in schools.

For over a decade, Battelle for Kids has engaged with school districts and state-level organizations in over 19 states to support their educational improvement efforts, including California, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas, among others.

Battelle for Kids is partnering with the Tennessee Department of Education as part of First to the Top to expand the use of value-added analysis and formative instruction practices as well as other educational-improvement strategies to increase student progress and achievement in K–12 public schools statewide.

For more information about Battelle for Kids, visit www.BattelleforKids.org.

For information about the First to the Top initiative, visit the Tennessee Department of Education's portal at www.tn.gov/firsttothetop.

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