Approved Vendor Value-Added Services

BFK_AVVA_logoWhen used in combination with other measures, value-added reporting can provide valuable insight to inform professional practices and accelerate student learning.

Approved Vendor Value-Added Services offer a solution to streamline student growth measure reporting and maximize your use of existing vendor assessments to receive value-added reporting for grades and subjects where statewide value-added reporting is not available.

Ohio educators, and educators across the country, are seeking effective, efficient solutions to measuring student growth, particularly in grades/subject not tested through state-provided assessments. The Ohio Department of Education has developed an approved vendor list, outlining test vendors that have been approved for use as student growth measures in Ohio. A subset of vendors from this list has been approved for use within SAS® EVAAS® value-added models. Battelle for Kids (BFK) offers a solution for reliable growth measures through providing services for SAS® EVAAS® value-added reporting generated from approved vendor assessments.

LEAs that contract for Approved Vendor Value-Added Services receive:

  • A solution for reliable growth measures outside of the state-tested grades/subjects that is aligned with Ohio’s value-added and evaluation systems.
  • Data collection and transfer of data to SAS® for the purpose of value-added analysis.
  • Roster verification support from BFK using BFK•Link® for both state-tested grades/subjects and those available through approved vendor assessments.
  • Access to SAS® EVAAS® interactive electronic value-added reporting across expanded grades/subjects.
  • Strategic counsel from BFK (via email or phone) as you’re implementing value-added reporting and related effective uses of data.

Learn more about SAS® EVAAS®, Ohio's value-added provider.


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