Value-Added Measures

To create a more complete picture of student learning, it is important to consider both measures of achievement and growth (progress). Achievement measures capture student learning at a single point in time (for example, a state test). Growth measures capture how much academic progress students made over time, from point A to point B.

Thoughtful analysis of data generated from growth measures provide insight to educators to accelerate student learning and inform professional practice.


What is Value-Added?

Value-added is a statistical analysis that measures the academic growth rates of groups of students over time. Ohio uses value-added to provide growth measure reporting to districts, schools, and teachers.

Ohio’s value-added analytics provider is SAS® EVAAS®, offering the most comprehensive reporting package of value-added metrics available. SAS, located in Cary, NC, is a world-wide leader in analytics.

For more than a decade, Battelle for Kids has provided professional learning, resources, and support to empower educators to use value-added data to accelerate student learning.

Benefits to Educators

Value-added reporting enables educators to analyze and reflect upon how practices, services, and programs impact student learning and growth. Combined with other measures, value-added provides educators with the data to enhance their professional practice and accelerate student learning.

Value-Added Models

SAS® EVAAS® provides two general types of value-added models:

  • Ohio uses a gain-based model (Multivariate Response Model - MRM) when assessments are administered consecutively across grades or in a sequential pattern. (Reports for math and ELA, grades 4-8.) Learn more - see the value-added video series.
  • Ohio uses a predictive model (Univariate Response Model - URM) when assessments are not administered in a sequential pattern. (Reports for science, social studies, and high school end-of-course.) Learn more - see the value-added video series.

Additional value-added reporting for grades and subjects where state testing is not available can be generated through Approved Vendor Value-Added Services.

Visit Ohio's SAS® EVAAS® to access value-added reports.