Roster Verification Resources

Why Link? Videos

To help administrators, principals, support teams, and teachers understand and prepare for the roster verification process, the "Why Link?" video series and facilitation guide are available to Ohio educators.

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Video 1: Why Linkage? (5 minutes)

This first video shows why districts should engage in the roster verification process.

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Video 2: What is Linkage, and How Will it Affect Student Growth? (5 minutes)

This video explains the roster verification process and how it ensures that reliable data is used in a school’s student growth model. It reviews some of the checks and balances used to ensure that the most accurate data is collected.

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Video 3: Why is Linkage Important? (5 minutes)

This video highlights the types of data that are collected as part of the process and shows what can happen when a school lacks reliable data.

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Video 4: Linkage Roles for Principals/Support Teams (4 minutes)

This video will show you why principals and support teams are critical to successful roster verification.

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Video 5: What is the Teacher Roster Verification Process? (3 minutes)

This video shows us why teachers are so integral in the verification process.

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Video 6: What are the Final Steps with Linkage? (3 minutes)

This final video highlights why these checks are so important in completing the process.