College and Career Readiness Resources

There are many resources available for Ohio educators to help students discover things about themselves and the world of opportunity around them. Students should gain the knowledge and skills needed to make future career and life decisions.

Use these examples to create your own student success plan.

This is a critical component for student success.

Career exploration ideas and activities for you to customize.

Detailed plan for career exploration and interests.

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The Student Success Resource Library provides tools and resources to help schools keep all students engaged and on a clear path to successfully graduate. There are resources that can help districts meet state policies around identification and intervention for students at risk of dropping out.

And when each of the 1.8 million Ohio students in grades K–12 graduate, we also want them to be working in or preparing for the jobs of their dreams. The Resource Library includes materials that support the implementation of a strategic and sustainable career advising policy, from middle school through graduation.





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