Formative Instruction

Formative instruction is a process, formal and informal, that teachers and students use to know where they are now, where they need to go and how to close the learning gap.

Implementing Formative Instructional Practices

Transforming practice through formative instruction is a powerful way to close the achievement gap. To enhance the pre-existing benchmark assessments used in various districts, Battelle for Kids is providing support to deepen K–12 public school teachers' understanding of formative instructional practices and build understanding of balanced assessment systems.

Professional Development for Formative Instruction

Altering current classroom practices and changing the instructional interaction between teachers and students demands strong support systems. Learn more about face-to-face training opportunities and online courses.


Formative instruction involves a commitment to:
  • Providing a clear and understandable vision of the learning target or intended learning.
  • Sharing examples and models of strong and weak work.
  • Providing regular descriptive feedback.
  • Teaching students to self-assess and set learning goals.
  • Designing lessons to focus on one aspect of quality at a time.
  • Teaching students focused revision.
  • Engaging students in self-reflection.


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