The research and data are clear-effective educators matter. By defining educator effectiveness, identifying and developing effective educators, and best utilizing effective educators, districts and schools can ensure all students can achieve their potential.

Ohio districts are working to answer five key questions around educator effectiveness.

There are a variety of tools and resources available to help educators grow, and help schools and districts identify and leverage their highly effective educators to help everyone in the profession continually get better.

Many districts in Ohio are on the cutting-edge of piloting these tools and resources to identify highly effective teachers, learn from their practices, and share lessons learned through initiatives including the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative, Ohio TIF, SOAR, and others. Teachers, schools, and districts in Ohio can use the information, resources, and tools in this site to help bring out the best in all educators.

Thank you educators for all you do to accelerate learning for every student.

5 key questions:
  1. What is an effective educator? (Define)
  2. Does my district have effective educators? (Identify)
  3. How does my district grow and develop more effective educators? (Develop)
  4. How does my district best utilize its effective educators? (Utilize)
  5. How does my district share stories of effective practices leading to student success? (Communicate)

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