Value-Added Information

Value-added analysis is a statistical method that helps educators measure the impact schools and teachers have on students’ academic progress from year to year.

When combined with other student performance measures, value-added analysis provides powerful insight for educators to determine the impact of their curriculum, instruction, assessments, and practices on student learning.

Over the last decade, Ohio’s evolving value-added system includes:
  • School improvement use via the various reports provided in the EVAAS® website
  • Use in Ohio's Accountability System
  • Use in Ohio's Evaluation System
  • Use in Ohio's Teacher Incentive Fund districts as part of strategic compensation award models
  • Use in ongoing Powerful Practice research and developmental efforts with Ohio's highly effective teachers and principals
  • Use in Ohio's Teachers or Higher Education Effectiveness
  • Extended reporting opportunities, beyond grades 4–8 math and reading, where districts have self-selected to administer vendor-based assessments which are then used to generate SAS® EVAAS® value-added reports

To access additional information, visit the Race to the Top section and select value-added services

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