Why Link? Videos

To help administrators, principals, support teams, and teachers understand and prepare for the Roster Verification process, the "Why Link?" video series and Facilitation Guide are available to Ohio educators.

Video 1: Why Link? (7 minutes)
This first video, posted above, shows why districts should engage in the Roster Verification process. For teachers, principals, and administrators.

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Video 2: What is Linkage, and How Will it Affect Student Growth? For teachers, principals, and administrators. (5 minutes)
Video 3: Why is Linkage Important? For teachers, principals, and administrators.
 (5 minutes)
Video 4: Linkage Roles for Principals/Support Teams. For principals and administrators.
 (4 minutes)
Video 5: What is the Teacher Roster Verification Process? For teachers. (3 minutes)
Video 6: What are the Final Steps with Linkage? For principals and administrators.
 (3 minutes)


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