Roster Verification Process Timeframe and Responsibilities

2016 Timeframe:

The process for Roster Verification occurs in three easy steps:

  1. School Set-Up Period: 
    Principals (and support teams, as desired) gain access to verify the staff list and staff assignments.

  2. Teacher Roster Verification Period:  
    Teachers gain access to verify their class rosters and set up linkage attribution for the students they taught, how long they taught them, and the percentage of instruction they provided each student. Principals/support teams should be monitoring teacher completion.

  3. Principal Review and Approval Period
    Principals review staff attributions and alerts before giving final approval.
    (Principals will be able to review and approve rosters as completed, before the Teacher Roster Verification Period ends.)


Responsibilities Within the Link/Roster Verification Application

Principals are responsible for completing the following steps:

  1. Establish a support team for your school
  2. Review the teachers and classes initially loaded
  3. Facilitate completion of the Link/Roster Verification process
  4. Review for accuracy and approve the final link data that will be used in the analysis



Teachers are responsible for completing the following steps:

  1. Ensure all students are accurately included on each class roster, and modify rosters by adding/deleting students where necessary
  2. Indicate class enrollment by setting student entry and exit dates
  3. Set percentage of instruction provided
  4. Submit class rosters for principal review and approval



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