The Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (OAC) is an initiative of 21 rural Ohio school districts—serving more than 34,000 students—and Battelle for Kids, that have joined forces to develop and implement a comprehensive approach for transformational change in rural education.

The creation of this approach to change, called the Rural Education Transformation Approach, is a result of the effort of many individuals and groups, including Battelle for Kids, the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools, superintendents, teachers, principals, teachers' union leaders, Ohio Department of Education leadership, representatives from higher education, business leaders, philanthropic organizations and many others.

In March 2013, the OAC was awarded the first Social Innovation Award by Ohio University and TechGROWTH Ohio. This award honors the OAC for its creative innovation and impact on the Southeast Ohio region.



The goal of the Collaborative is not only to create transformational change for the region's education, but to sustain that change. The Collaborative is dedicated to embedding this work in the region to ensure that future students reap the benefits of this work and investment. To make this happen, the OAC will rely heavily on regional supporters to sustain the initiative's value after funding ends.

Appalachia Ohio is united by its strong sense of community and culture. The Collaborative is uniquely positioned for success because of its unprecedented support, collaborative networks, existing academic strengths and alignment with federal and state education priorities.

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