What is Linkage and Why is it Important?

by | Feb 02, 2012

Many Ohio school districts will participate in the linkage process (also known as roster verification) for the first time in the spring of 2012. Linkage is a necessary step in creating teacher value-added reports.

What is Linkage?

The linkage process is a way to capture the information that each teacher provides over the course of a school year. Linkage is designed to ensure that teachers are accurately credited for the instruction they provided to each student.


Why is Linkage Important?

Without the data gathered during the linkage process, teacher value-added reports will not reflect what actually happens in the classroom. By fall of 2013, all Ohio reading and math teachers in grades 4-8 will receive one or more teacher value-added report, regardless of their participation in Race to the Top. These teacher value-added reports will be used to determine teacher effectiveness and will be a significant factor in teacher evaluations, making it critical to capture accurate data through the linkage process.


To learn more about linkage and find training dates in your region, visit the new "Linkage Services" section of the Ohio Student Progress Portal. You can also view the Why Link? video series by logging in to your "My Portal" account. If you are unsure whether or not your district is completing the linkage process this spring, contact OhioRttT@BattelleforKids.org.


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