Work-based Learning

Work-based learning opportunities can take the form of job shadowing, intensive internships, virtual apprenticeships, and school-based enterprises. By exposing students to real life work experiences you build their understanding of career fields while helping them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It allows students to apply classroom theories to real-world problems, explore career options, and gain job experience.

Connecting with local businesses is an essential part of the work-based learning component of pathways. Creating opportunities for work-based learning that directly reflects the workforce needs of the region is one way that OAC districts can help build the employ-ability of their students.


The OAC includes 27 districts located in 15 counties, which contain the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of Cincinnati and Columbus, and the Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSA) of Cambridge, Coshocton, Marietta, Portsmouth, and Zanesville. The reports below used county parameters as geographic boundaries to help show the most locally available job market.

Learn more about jobs available, certifications and degrees needed, and the employers providing jobs in your region. Check out workforce data specific to your needs:

OAC region aggregated data report
Logan County
Clermont and Brown Counties
East Central Ohio
Scioto and Jackson Counties
Washington, Morgan, Noble, Monroe and Belmont Counties

Model Pathways

Districts can customize these pathways with their own classes, or share classes with other districts in the Collaborative.

District Pathway Template

Download this template to detail/create your own district pathway

Dual Enrollment Course Catalog

Teachers, parents, and students can see what dual enrollment courses are offered from all 27 districts.