Career Advising & Counseling

Career advising and counseling is a process that each student goes through to help them discover things about themselves and the world of opportunity around them. Students should gain the knowledge and skills needed to make future career and life decisions.

These Personalized Learning Pathways integrate academic instruction with rigorous coursework aligned to a student’s interest. While these pathways combine specific courses and skills aligned to career fields there is also a great deal of overlap between these pathways. Students have the flexibility to explore a pathway, see how it aligns to their personal goals and interests, then adjust as needed. Career exploration begins in elementary school, so students are not expected to know exactly what career they will choose, but the exploration process is key to opening up possibilities. This flexible exploration is supported through career guidance by school counselors.

Counselors in the OAC not only have the resources to help students find the right pathway fit, but they help students and parents see the overlap of skills needed for each pathway.

Resources for Counselors

Use these examples to create your own student success plan.

This is a critical component for student success.

Career exploration ideas and activities for you to customize.

Detailed plan for career exploration and interests.

Purchase the Getting to the Finish Line Game.

Model Pathways

Districts can customize these pathways with their own classes, or share classes with other districts in the Collaborative.

District Pathway Template

Download this template to detail/create your own district pathway

Dual Enrollment Course Catalog

Teachers, parents, and students can see what dual enrollment courses are offered from all 27 districts.