Welcome to the Data Dashboard for the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative

The Ohio Appalachian Collaborative’s Performance Data Dashboard is an online tool that gives educators access to detailed information on selected measures related to the OAC Straight A grant. The data in this dashboard includes baseline and progress measures tracking our collaborative's progress toward achieving its vision. Districts are committed to measuring success and identifying areas that need continued attention and work.




The full OAC data is available to download. The data includes information for the collaborative’s progress in the areas of dual enrollment, college & career readiness, college & beyond, and career pathways.


The district-level data includes information specific to each district to monitor its progress in the areas of: dual enrollment, college & career readiness, college & beyond, and career pathways.




Data Report Highlights
You can use the reports at the collaborative and district level to explore a variety of areas including:

  • Dual Enrollment 
    Discover dual enrollment trends and learn more about how many students are enrolled in dual enrollment and earning credit.

  • College & Career Readiness 
    Examine graduation rates, ACT preparation and participation, and graduates earning industry credentials.
  • College & Beyond
    Explore college enrollment rates for public two- and four-year institutions and persistence and remediation rates.
  • Pathways
    Learn about the number of career pathways that have been implemented in STEM, Arts & Communications, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Health & Human Services.



Facilitation Guide image

Access the Performance Data Dashboard Facilitation Guide to help build engagement and awareness with key stakeholders.

Model Pathways

Districts can customize these pathways with their own classes, or share classes with other districts in the Collaborative.

District Pathway Template

Download this template to detail/create your own district pathway.

Dual Enrollment Course Catalog

Teachers, parents, and students can see what dual enrollment courses are offered from all 27 districts.