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Career Advising & Counseling to Help Students Plan for the Future

by Battelle for Kids | Mar 14, 2016

Just like the Maps app on your phone shows you multiple routes to take, and what traffic looks like, a career pathway guides students through all the details of career planning. There are many pathways to success, so students are not locked into one. If a student change his/her mind, they can explore another pathway. Pathways are an easy way to understand how courses, knowledge, and skills connect to various industries and career fields. Students can connect interests from high school to college and/or career and make sure they acquire the knowledge and skills linked to that specific industry. And, completion of a pathway is often linked to certificates, credentials, and/or degrees, which can also save students and families money.

Connecting pathways to career advising and counseling is a critical component to student success. School counselors and educators provide guidance and direction to students to expose them to career options. The OAC Student Pathways Guide—is a new resource geared toward counselors, students, and families—and a great way to help students to help students understand coursework needed for specific professions, as well as the knowledge and skills (both cognitive and non-cognitive) required for various industries and career fields.

The guide helps counselors, students, and families understand and assess the Arts & Communication, Business & Entrepreneurship, Health & Human Services, and/or STEM Pathway. Students take assessments throughout the guide to identify skills they possess, follow steps to create a career plan and find a pathway that complements aspirations and strengths, and are encouraged track their progress and discuss progress with their school counselor. 

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The OAC Student Pathway Guide also references and links to free resources for students from Columbus State, Believe in Ohio, and OhioMeansJobs. Each student will have an added personalized experience based on his/her interests and areas of strength.

Career pathways act as a roadmap for students and school counselors to track progress on the path to college and/or career. The Student Pathways Guide functions as an additional and much-needed resource for school counselors to discuss pathway options and help students create and organize a career plan. The more we can connect student aspirations and goals to opportunity, the brighter the future!