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Connecting Career Advising to Student Hope and Aspiration

by Courtney Lupher, Career Advisor, River View Local School District | Feb 08, 2016

sc_app_district_logoIt’s an exciting time to be a sixth grader in the River View Local School District.
Kicking off in February 2016, the district is implementing comprehensive career advising curriculum to better prepare students for the future. Courtney Lupher, district career advisor, is working alongside teachers and nearly 150 students from Conesville, Keene, Union, and Warsaw Elementary Schools to heighten awareness about college and career options.

Through ongoing meetings from February to May, students will focus on building profiles on OhioMeansJobs, learning about career pathways available to them, and understanding options through College Credit Plus. A main focus is to help students identify short- and long-term goals, and providing a learning style inventory to assess how they learn best. Time management and college 101 will also be covered, including information about how to find and apply for scholarships, loans, and the difference between public and private higher education institutions. Students will also explore Careerkids.com and work collaboratively to learn about careers and salary information, jobs for kids and teens, and get practice building resumes for available job postings.

During the final meeting, Ms. Lupher plans to arrange a college visit for interested students to either OSU-Newark or Central Ohio Technical College (COTC). Students will have the opportunity to learn more about specific majors that might be of interest, tour the campus, and explore college life.

I am really excited to work with young students to help them identify what they love to do and apply it to their future plans, shares Ms. Lupher. “Establishing this robust career advising curriculum was important to expose kids early to the many possibilities and give them a head start on planning for their future”, she adds.

Working with sixth graders creates a great foundation in the River View Local School District and will have a connection to the established college readiness curriculum in grades seven, eight, and beyond. Students will have a lead on connecting their aspirations and hope for future to college and career exploration. 

About the Author
Courtney Lupher is the career advisor at River View Local School District, where the mission is, “Building educational excellence for tomorrow … today.” To learn more about River View Local School’s career advising plan visit the Counseling and Guidance webpage