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The Beginning of Something Phenomenal

by Randy Lucas | Apr 01, 2015

Barnesville Exempted Village School District possessed 0 teachers credentialed to teach dual enrollment courses and offered 0 dual enrollment courses (other than PSEO) during the 2013-2014 school year.

Due to the OAC Straight A Grant, we now have 2 credentialed teachers and offer 3 dual enrollment courses for this school year. Next year, we will have 3 or 4 credentialed teachers with more than 20 dual enrollment courses offered to our students. This may not seem like a lot, but for a small rural district in Southeastern Ohio, it is a great start! Our high school principal sees the potential of offering over 100 dual enrollment courses in subsequent years.

OAC Impact_BarnesvilleAdditionally, due to conversations with our Straight A Grant implementation team regarding the required implementation of career pathways, we decided to combine Straight A Grant funds with district funds and other grant funds to implement a STEM pathway for students which includes the use of Project Lead The Way (PLTW) curriculum and courses. Teachers on the grant implementation team agreed (without compensation) to take the intense training required to teach each of these courses.

Due to implementation of PLTW and the STEM pathway, we now have middle school students taking engineering courses and competing in robotics. They are also using a 3D printer to create an individualized prosthetic hand for a member in our community. The teachers and students have made presentations to our Board of Education, Rotary, and Kiwanis to demonstrate what they have learned. The community is astonished at what they are doing. Additional PLTW/STEM courses will be expanded to high school students next school year. Although Straight A Grant funds were not used for all of these new programs, the collaboration and vision created through the OAC Straight A Grant is providing opportunities to our students that were not available in the past. We are now in the beginning stages of creating a business/technology pathway for students.

The OAC Straight A Grant helped us to align other efforts and was most certainly the catalyst to making all of this happen in our district!