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And the Survey Says: Looking Ahead...

by User Not Found | Apr 17, 2014
By Linda Knicely, Battelle for Kids

K-12 instructors in the OAC and higher education faculty partners met on April 9 to engage in the third and final workshop in the 2013-14 Quality Matters professional development series sponsored by Battelle for Kids—Designing Your Online Course. Upon the conclusion of the workshop, participants spent time together reviewing the goals of the series, synthesizing the learning and key takeaways from all three sessions, and collecting feedback and participant input on next steps.

Given the shared goal to increase dual enrollment opportunities via blended and online learning approaches, cohort members were asked to rate their perception of professional development needs in their districts or within their institutions. The top two identified needs were: 
  1. Optimizing instructional design and emerging technologies for blended learning.
  2. Enhancing or expanding engagement and communication in the virtual environment of blended learning courses.
Based on this input, as well as that solicited through other dual enrollment and blended learning professional development need surveys conducted within the past two months, efforts are underway to explore three distinct next steps addressing both depth and breadth in the 2014-15 school year:
  1. Replicate the professional development model provided through this year’s pilot Quality Matters professional development series, with specific focus on involving current dual enrollment instructors (or those in the credentialing pipeline) in partnership with their faculty mentors.
  2. Create additional opportunities for Cohort 1 participants to collaboratively develop dual enrollment curriculum delivered through online and blended modalities, based on the rigorous and consistent instructional design standards endorsed by Quality Matters. 
  3. Provide financial support for Cohort 1 completers to pursue peer reviewer credentials, thus growing the in-collaborative expertise and experience to coach and support new blended instruction initiatives.
As a key element of growing capacity to accomplish dual enrollment goals (both in quantity and quality), Battelle for Kids is committed to a continued partnership with Quality Matters. By supporting the secondary and post-secondary professionals who are integral to these efforts with high-value professional development around blended learning, we are confident that these goals will be met. Please contact Pam Noeth or Linda Knicely to learn how you can be a part of this work in the upcoming school year or to share your thoughts on the proposed strategies.