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Connecting, Learning, and Sharing through Professional Practice Badges

by User Not Found | Apr 10, 2014
Have you noticed something new on the OAC Collaboration Space? Do these badges look familiar?

While some of you are busy earning these badges, many of you may be wondering what they are. Here are some details.

What are badges?

The OAC is excited to introduce a series of professional practice badges that OAC educators can earn throughout the year. Badges serve as endorsements of knowledge and skills—recognizing professional learning, demonstrated skills, and other achievements. As badges are earned, they are proudly displayed on educators’ user profiles within the OAC Collaboration Space. 

What are the benefits of earning badges?

Badges provide OAC educators with opportunities to enhance their practice by connecting, learning, and sharing with their peers. 

What badges are available? 

Currently, educators can earn two badges:

  • Share Badge
    By earning the Share Badge, OAC educators will learn the basics of using the OAC Collaboration Space and share personalized learning best practices with peers. The goal of this badge is to help our educators enhance their practice and connect with peers through increased use of the Collaboration Space to share, learn, and collaborate. 

    So far educators from 10 OAC districts have earned Share Badges, and they’ve built quite a library of personalized learning best practices here. Haven’t earned your Share Badge yet? Get started now!

  • Tweet Badge
    By earning the Tweet Badge, OAC educators will learn the basics of Twitter and how to use it to connect and enhance practice. The goal of this badge is to increase the use of social media networks among OAC educators to enhance learning and build a professional learning network.

    Want to learn how to use Twitter? Have a Twitter account already, but want to connect with your OAC peers? This badge is for you! Get started here.
A Curate Badge will also be available to select OAC educators this school year. Looking forward to the 2014-2015 school year, professional practice badging opportunities will be centered on building capacity within specific content areas, including:
  • Common Core
  • Formative Assessment Practices and Assessment Literacy
  • Project-based Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Student Motivation
  • Emerging Learning Technologies
Watch this blog and the Collaboration Space for new badging opportunities. Districts will also be notified as badges are released.

If you have questions about professional practice badges, please contact Julie Vujevich.