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OAC Weekly Snapshot, January 27 - 31

by User Not Found | Jan 31, 2014
There are only 47 days until spring—we can make it! Here are some highlights from this week:


  • Ohio Educational Technology Conference – The Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) took place this week, January 27-29, in Columbus. There were more than 400 sessions focused on learning, innovation, and educational technology with continued conversation and sharing on Twitter throughout the event. Check out #OETC14 on Twitter. We'd like to give a shout out to OAC districts who presented—thank you for representing the OAC!

    Taking advantage of having all of our Straight A district technology leads in Columbus for the OETC conference, we also took the opportunity to meet with them on Monday afternoon to discuss the purpose and vision of the Straight A work and their role in supporting the effort. Thanks to all who attended!

    Please share any highlights from OETC or the related OAC meetings in the comments below.

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New Resources and Discussions

Discussions and resources continue to grow on the OAC Collaboration Space (use your Ohio Portal username and password to log in). We encourage you to explore and share this space with your OAC/TIF peers. Here are some of the latest conversations and resources, including a few shared through the OAC blog and Twitter @OHAppCollab:

  • How Early Can We Predict College and Career Readiness?  – What are some good predictors of college and career readiness? Share your thoughts and read articles shared by Alea Barker (@AleaBarker) and Rebecca Dodd here.

  • What Is Mastery? – What does mastery look like in your classroom? Check out this discussion to see what it means to some of your peers and share your experience.

  • Let's Talk Grading – Suellen Coleman (@Suellencoleman) started a discussion about grading and would like your thoughts. How are you communicating with your students and parents about grading and how grades are determined? Share your thoughts here.

What's Next

  • OAC/TIF/Straight A Superintendent Webinar – The next webinar is on February 3 from 12 to 12:30 p.m. We'll provide updates on the OAC Principals Collaborative; SLO/Assessment Literacy Collaboration Space; Personalized Learning Network;LLC Workshop; regional meetings in February for superintendents, curriculum directors, and CLPs; Straight A Fund updates; and round two application of the Straight A Fund. Login information was emailed to OAC/TIF/Straight A superintendents.

  • CLP Regional Meetings – CLP regional meetings will start in early February. All meeting times will be 8:30-11:30 a.m. We look forward to covering topics including the Leadership Team Study profiles; ACT data; dual enrollment and professional development needs; and Straight A work and OAC 2.0. Mark your calendars for the following dates/locations:
    • East: Feb. 5, OU-Zanesville Campus Center
    • Southeast: Feb. 19, Best Western Hotel in Caldwell (note change of location from Lori's Restaurant)
    • Southwest: Feb. 26, Circleville High School
  • OAC/TIF Principals Collaborative – The next session of the OAC Principals Collaborative will be held February 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ohio Department of Agriculture. This program provides a powerful experience for rural principals to learn, share, and collaborate in sessions directly connected to their work and experiences within the OAC. OAC/TIF principals will participate in learning sessions specific to the principalship, collaborate on common issues and challenges from the field, and share best practices and tools. Registration is coming soon.
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Happy weekend!