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The Season of Hope and Belief

by User Not Found | Nov 12, 2013
By Kelly Wells, New Lexington City Schools

The holiday season is a season of hope and belief. What are you doing to help your students believe in themselves and their future goals? Do your students believe that they will be ready for what comes after high school? If you are unsure on how to reach some of your struggling students, check out the links below for motivation tips and strategies.

  • How to Get Students to Believe in Themselves
    This New York Public Library article by Shauntee Burns demonstrates a quick way to show students the importance of never giving up. If you are a parent viewing this, it is a good lesson to try at home as well. Students often encounter a difficult task and give up after trying the first time. Being persistent pays off!

  • Self-Efficacy: Helping Students Believe in Themselves
    Teachers, do you need the pedagogy to back up some motivational strategies?  Read this article from the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College. The article includes Pedagogic strategies that foster self-efficacy, a few teaching practices to avoid, and tips for improving self-efficacy for struggling students.

  • Getting Students to Believe in Themselves
    A few encouraging words can go a long way. This New Teacher University article by Joe A. Martin, Jr. describes one man’s story of how a teacher’s words encouraged him to see past the hard-times in his life. He is now an award-winning speaker, author, and professor. 

  • Help Them Build Their Self-Efficacy
    If you are trying to help your students with self-efficacy, this teacher has some nice ideas on students getting rid of negativity. Read Shelly Terrell’s article on Teacher Reboot Camp and see if some of her ideas work for you!
If you have ideas for getting your students to believe in themselves, please comment and share below!