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Ideas for Motivating Students in the Classroom and Beyond

by User Not Found | Sep 16, 2013
By Kelly Wells, New Lexington City Schools

As we start the school year, students are excited and it’s up to us, as teachers, to keep that excitement going and embrace their eagerness to learn. Students who are excited and engaged in learning are more likely be become life-long learners.

What can teachers do to keep students excited and engaged in their learning? 

Here are some ideas for motivating students in your classroom:
  • Motivating Students – Do you question yourself on how to motivate your students?  View this list of twenty common questions teachers ask about motivation from University of Oregon’s Teaching Effectiveness Program. There are lots of great tips to keep your students involved!  
  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation – Have you ever wondered about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? This resource from Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching provides details and ways to help your students.
  • 20 Tips on Motivating Students – This article from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides 20 great tips to motivate your students.
Share these links with parents to help them keep their child excited about school:
  • Going Back to School Tips to Motivate Kids – Share this link, from Education.com, with parents to provide ways for them to keep their child motivated about learning outside of school. 
  • Supporting Your Learner – This article from PBS provides suggestions on how parents can support their child and keep them engaged in learning at home. 
How are you engaging and motivating your students? Please share your classroom story with us in the comments below.