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Straight A Fund and the OAC

by User Not Found | Sep 12, 2013
By Brad Mitchell

Ohio's new Straight A Fund will provide educators with opportunities to put good ideas into action, encouraging them to try approaches that:
  • Raise student achievement
  • Reduce spending
  • Target a greater share of resources to the classroom
We have held two webinars on the nature and viability of pursuing a $15m Straight A Fund consortium grant. Over 15 districts participated in the webinars and there was unanimous consent to move forward. The first meeting of the Straight A Fund governing board was on September 11. We will share details from that meeting in a subsequent blog post. There will be a very quick deadline for submission of proposals, and OAC and Battelle for Kids will be submitting the consortium proposal. 

If you have questions or comments, please contact Brad Mitchell.