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Personalized Learning: Challenging Time, Place, and Space

by User Not Found | Aug 27, 2013
By Alea Barker

As we begin a new year, we have a challenge for all of our OAC districts – let’s rethink time, place, and space in order to provide our students with personalized learning environments. Not sure what that means? We understand. Personalized learning can mean different things to different people.

Our Personalized Learning Vision

For the OAC, personalized learning means:
  • You are responsible for your own learning.
  • You learn at your own pace.
  • You learn in a way that works for you.
  • Your learning focuses on your own personal interests and experiences.

Connecting to OAC Initiatives

Based on our definition, can you think of ways personalized learning is connected to how you teach, how your students learn, or how you learn yourself? Here are a few examples of how personalized learning connects to OAC intiatives:

Personalized Learning Network and Support

We, of course, do not expect you to take on this challenge by yourself. We have formed an OAC Personalized Learning Network (PLN) that will work together to explore, connect, and transform the way we implement personalized learning in our districts. The team is made up of:

Have questions about connectors? Read this blog post.  

Next Steps

We have two PLN meetings scheduled for early fall. During these meetings, our PLN team will work together to share experiences with personalized learning, collaborate on new tools, and discover ways to communicate with each other. These meetings are:

Leading and Learning Collaborative Workshop, September 18 at Cherry Valley Lodge – During the PLN session, principal connectors will gather to discuss the vision of personalized learning and plan for the upcoming year. 

“Connecting the Connectors” Day, October 2 at the Ohio Department of Agriculture – All OAC connectors will meet to learn more about:
  • The vision of personalized learning from the OAC perspective
  • Understanding the OAC personalized learning Continuum
  • How personalized learning fits with other OAC initiatives
  • OTES and personalized learning – a perfect match
  • Opportunity for collaboration with other connectors
  • Insight for our collective personalized learning collaboration for 2013-14
Have questions about personalized learning and the OAC? We’re happy to help, just leave a comment below. You can also visit the Collaboration Space for more information and resources. Use your Ohio Portal username and password to login. 

We are looking forward to working with our PLN team. We truly believe that by linking our connectors, leveraging colleagues, and lifting the system, personalized learning will make a huge difference for kids, and that’s what it’s all about!