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Leading and Learning Collaborative Workshops

by User Not Found | Aug 13, 2013
By Judy VanVoorhis

As we begin our fourth year of working and collaborating together, we’re excited to introduce the Leading and Learning Collaborative (LLC) Workshops in partnership with Battelle for Kids and SOAR. These workshops will provide educators with training on essential professional learning topics (such as student growth, formative instructional practices, and college and career readiness), and will also provide district teams with collaboration time in the afternoon. We see these as an extension of the OAC Network Trainings and Quarterly Meetings held in previous years. The LLC Workshop dates for the 2013-2014 school year are:

Our professional development journey

The LLC Workshops represent the evolution of professional development has taken with the OAC, all based around the System of Support.

Think back with me to 2011 when the team from BFK came door-to-door to meet with each OAC superintendent to explain the System of Support and the key components of the district transformation teams, the CLP, and the network teams. As a collaborative, we have reaped great benefits from the System of Support structure.

Now fast forward to summer 2013, when once again OAC superintendents and district teams were visited by the team from BFK to explain the delivery of the OAC professional learning pillars and topics for Year 4. During these visits, superintendents voiced their successes and varying needs for support around RttT scopes of work, and also their desire for the LLC to continue the OAC practice of providing collaboration time.

We’re pleased that the LLC Workshops will meet both of these needs. Let’s take a look below at how the workshops are organized.

The seven strands

Each of the four LLC Workshops are unique and will build upon each other, but they are all consistently organized around seven key strands, or topics. This year the seven strands are:
  • Highly effective strategies
  • Multi-tiered support system
  • Common Core State Standards, Ohio’s new learning standards, and PARCC
  • College and career readiness
  • Formative instructional practices and assessment literacy
  • Strategic measures
  • Collaborative leadership for highly effective teams
The day will be comprised of a series of learning sessions and collaborative work sessions, giving attendees a chance to connect, collaborate, and discover how effective leading and learning can be implemented in their districts.

Who should attend?

OAC/TIF districts can bring up to six people to each of the four LLC Workshops. During Year 4, we stress the importance of wisely selecting your six person team to attend the LLC Workshops. This group of six should include:
  • A core team of four people that includes a CLP, Principal, TIF Coordinator, and PLN Connector. These four will attend each LLC Workshop throughout the year. If you do not have a TIF Coordinator or PLN Connector, select a teacher, curriculum director, or administrator to be part of the core team. We strongly encourage you to include members already serving on your Transformation Team.
  • Plus, two additional team members beyond the core team. These additional team members can change or rotate throughout the year based on the content that will be covered at each LLC Workshop. 
Think strategically as you select your six person LLC team. Using the OAC System of Support delivery model, these people will then share information learned with their internal District Transformation Team. The Transformation Team is responsible for the planning and decision-making for implementing the information and strategies within your district.

How to get the most out of your LLC experience

  1. Come ready to learn.
  2. Strategically select the right six people to attend – remember two can rotate per workshop. As a team, divide up at the workshops. Identify a different strand of learning each person can attend. Keep the four core team members in four of the most needed strands based on district focus and need. Rotate the additional two persons in other strands.
  3. Keep the internal feedback loops in progress allowing your LLC team to embed the knowledge and skills they learned. We strongly recommend the majority of your six person team also serves on your internal Transformation Team. Remember your Transformation Team is responsible for implementing information and strategies learned at the LLC Workshops throughout your district.
  4. Encourage your superintendent to attend the full day, or at least the collaboration time in the afternoon.
  5. Mingle with SOAR district educators as well as your OAC/TIF comrades.

Register for the September 18th LLC Workshop

Registration is now open for the first LLC Workshop on September 18 at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio. View the event flyer here and click here to register.

Questions? Contact Colleen McElligott.