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It takes teamwork to make the dream work

How do we think about, and rethink, how teachers learn?

by User Not Found | Aug 06, 2013
By Colleen McElligott

How can you connect with another high school biology teacher? How can you share ideas that work in your third grade classroom with other third grade teachers? This year, the OAC Personalized Learning Network (PLN) is recruiting connectors to help us, help you connect.

What is a connector? Simply put connectors believe, do, and share. 

It’s an educator who…

  • All learners are responsible for their own learning, and educational environments should be designed so that every learner is engaged and achieving success at their own pace.
  • They must reach every student.
  • Professional practice is strengthened through continuous inquiry.
  • Deliberately gather the latest information on how to more personalize the learning environment.
  • Use gathered content/ideas/strategies/activities to meet learning needs.
  • Determine quality/high-yield content/ideas/strategies/activities for repeated use.
  • By establishing trustworthy relationships with colleagues.
  • By regularly exchanging information with colleagues on how to more personalize learning.
  • By using technology and social media to extend their reach.
OAC districts have been asked to identify a PLN connector for every school building by August 15. Connectors will learn, collaborate, and grow with each other as they pave the way for personalized learning across the OAC. With communication and collaboration tools and resources at their fingertips, they will share their knowledge, tools and resources with all OAC educators to help everyone grow and stretch their practice.

Interested in becoming a connector? Want more information? Contact Colleen McElligott. Already a connector? Tell us what you are most looking forward to as a PLN connector for the upcoming year in the comments below. 

We're looking forward to connecting with our connectors!

Colleen McElligottColleen McElligott is a Project Coordinator at Battelle for Kids working with the OAC Personalized Learning Network.