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It takes teamwork to make the dream work

  • OAC Weekly Snapshot, July 8-12

    by User Not Found | Jul 12, 2013
    Share professional development opportunities, review social media resources and find out what OAC activities are coming up.
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  • Big hopes. Bigger dreams. Our students deserve the best.

    by User Not Found | Jul 09, 2013
    Embracing authenticity and cultural uniqueness of districts while moving forward with improving student achievement have become the modus operandi for the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative (OAC). Watch our "Aspiration" video to hear the voices of our OAC students.
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  • Who said summers are for relaxing?

    by User Not Found | Jul 05, 2013
    So far this summer, we’ve been busy finalizing and launching a series of digital and social media communication and collaboration channels to provide all OAC members ways to continue to connect with, share and learn from each other in a way that works best for them. Learn more about these tools.
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  • What the new state budget means for OAC districts

    by User Not Found | Jul 02, 2013
    When Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 59 on June 30, it marked the end of another long state budget process filled with debate around a variety of issues, from Medicaid to exotic animals to school funding. Now begins to task of dissecting the more than 3,700-page bill to discover what’s in, what’s out, and how it might impact the future of our state.
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  • OAC Connecting for Success

    by User Not Found | Jun 27, 2013
    What do you get when you bring together more than 1,000 educators for three days in downtown Columbus? A lot of learning, a lot of sharing, and a lot of fun. After all, this is summer vacation.
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