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It takes teamwork to make the dream work

  • What Matters Gets Measured: Working Together to Measure Progress in the OAC

    by Tracy Najera and Erin Joyce, Battelle for Kids | Apr 20, 2016
    Learn more about how OAC districts are using data to have conversations in moving college and career readiness forward for our students.
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  • Bridging the Gap for Teachers & Students

    by Charity Dodd, Specialist, Learning and Leading at Battelle for Kids | Mar 28, 2016
    Learn more about how OAC teachers are increasing student motivation by fostering hope, engagement, and a sense of belonging in their classrooms.
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  • Career Advising & Counseling to Help Students Plan for the Future

    by Battelle for Kids | Mar 14, 2016
    Connecting pathways to career advising and counseling is a critical component to student success. Find the latest OAC resource to help students navigate to a successful future.
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  • Connecting Career Advising to Student Hope and Aspiration

    by Courtney Lupher, Career Advisor, River View Local School District | Feb 08, 2016
    Learn more about the effort River View Local School District is taking to realize a comprehensive career advising curriculum to better prepare students for the future. Courtney Lupher, district career advisor, is working alongside teachers and nearly 150 students from Conesville, Keene, Union, and Warsaw Elementary Schools to heighten awareness about college and career options.
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  • The Most Important Skills You Need To Succeed at Work

    by Battelle for Kids | Feb 04, 2016
    When OAC students are preparing for college, on the job, seeking a job, or just interested in developing key skills, focusing on soft skills are essential to being a well-rounded person and employee. The following article recently appeared on Mentalfloss.com on the about emerging non-cognitive skills that will be necessary to possess in the workplace by the year 2020.
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