OAC Straight A Grant

The Vision

The OAC Straight A grant was developed by districts, for districts to provide advanced learning opportunities for students, support and accelerate work districts are doing to implement education reforms, and invest in innovations to enhance teaching and learning.

The Ohio Department of Education awarded a $15 million, four-year grant to the 27 districts in the OAC Straight A project in December 2013.

The Work

Through the OAC Straight A grant, participating districts will be part of a networked 6-12 grade blended learning and dual enrollment system designed to:

  • Help students be more engaged in their learning and access blended learning and dual enrollment opportunities around four pathways: STEM, arts and communications, business and entrepreneurship, and health/human services.
  • Give teachers supports and professional development around new standards and assessments, opportunities to become credentialed to teach dual enrollment, and the ability to network and collaborate with OAC Straight A district peers.
  • Support districts in aligning education improvement initiatives, leveraging resources, and collaborating and sharing ideas to make everyone’s work better.
  • Enhance communities by giving students access to learning opportunities that will prepare them for jobs needed to contribute to local economies.

The Goals and Impact

The OAC Straight A grant will have a lasting impact on participating districts and local communities. Working together, participating districts will:

  • Increase student aspiration for postsecondary education and decrease higher education costs through college credit earned in high school.
  • Build district and educator capacity to deliver dual enrollment, blended learning, and personalized learning opportunities to students.
  • Contribute to rural economic development by preparing more qualified workers to attract businesses to the region.
  • Establish a sustainable rural education collaborative.

A Request for Proposal has officially been opened by the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative to support online platform development for teacher professional learning. Detailed information is available in the PDF below; please return responses to Maria Boyarko by Wednesday January 30, 2015 by 9 p.m. EST.

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