Personalized Learning Network

The Vision

Personalized learning can mean different things to different people. For the OAC, we believe personalized learning environments provide promising opportunities for students to engage in and increase ownership of their own learning, and graduate high school college and career ready. All OAC learners should believe:

"As a learner in the OAC, I am responsible for my learning, I learn at my own pace, in the way that works for me, focusing on my own personal interests and experiences."

The Work

The OAC Personalized Learning Network (PLN) was developed to research, collaborate, and implement strategies and supports for personalized learning environments within all of our school buildings and classrooms. To build a foundation for this work, districts have identified 125 PLN connectors. These educators believe in the power of personalized learning, deliberately seek and share information and resources on the latest educational trends, and are motivated to lead and support their colleagues and peers.

The Goal

For the 2013-2014 school year, our goal is to connect and empower the PLN connectors to:

  • Deepen their own personalized learning knowledge and expertise;
  • Share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues; and;
  • Form a trusted professional learning community on personalized learning across OAC districts.

This work over the next year will set the foundation for amplifying and accelerating the implementation of personalized learning efforts that work for both students and educators.