LISD is committed to ensuring that all students make strong academic progress and achievement. Every fall, the district receives value-added reports, which offer critical information about the growth that our schools and teachers helped students to make during the previous school year.

Roster Verification
The first step to ensure that we have the most accurate value-added reports to inform our practices is to complete the roster verification (linkage) process. During the roster verification process each spring, our campus-based staff review, edit and verify their class rosters to indicate when the student was in the classroom and the percentage of assigned instruction provided to each student.

Value-Added Introductory Guide
View LISD’s An Introduction to Value-Added Progress Measures guide to learn more about the importance of measuring student progress, how value-added data provides a fair and reliable student growth measure and how this information can help all stakeholders—including educators and parents—make decisions about student learning and adjust instruction to accelerate achievement.

Accessing Value-Added Reports
To view value-added reports on the SAS® EVAAS® website, click here.

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