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Online learning

RV portal online learning offers all LISD employees access to FREE any-time, any-pace, any-place personalized professional development.

With an emphasis on project and problem-based learning around the use of student academic progress data, other data sources and self-reflection to improve instructional effetiveness, RV portal offers online courses, learning items, learning paths, ePortfolios and more.

Value-Added Learning Paths to Accelerate Student Progress

Learn how to use value-added analysis to inform instructional decision making. Credit will be entered into educators' portfolio in Eduphoria™ Workshop.

  • Building-Level Learning Path MRM (Mean Gain) for Math and Reading Enroll
  • Teacher-Level Learning Path MRM (Mean Gain) for Math and Reading Enroll

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Technical Support
For technical assistance in accessing online courses or available resources, click here to contact Battelle for Kids' Support. 

Formative Instructional Practices

Formative instructional practices (FIP) are the formal and informal ways that teachers and students gather and respond to evidence of learning. These practices help students to become a true partner in the teaching and learning process.

In a culture that embraces FIP, the following components exist:

  • Learning targets are clear
  • Evidence of student learning is collected and documented
  • Feedback is effective
  • Students take ownership of their learning

Research shows that integrating these four components into daily practice can increase student learning and teacher effectiveness. Lubbock ISD educators have access to online FIP courses that were developed to advance the use of these research-based formative instructional practices.

RV portal

Access free online learning, including value-added and Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) online courses.