Earning Awards

The e3 Awards Program recognizes instructional staff, campus support and campus leadership for their contribution to student progress and achievement. Multiple positions within LISD qualify for an award. To participate in the awards program, certified educators must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Instructional Positions
  • Campus Support Positions
  • Campus Leadership Positions


For employees to qualify as core instructional staff, employees must serve in a position that aligns with all four criteria below and falls into at least one of the categories A–F:

  • Be assigned to a campus that receives an accountability rating
  • Plan lessons
  • Provide direct instruction to students
  • Be responsible for providing content grades, not conduct or participation grades (exception: special education scheduled co-teacher)
A. Core Teacher, Grades 3–8 Tested Grades/Subjects
B1. Core Teacher, Grades 3–8 Non-Tested Year
B2. Core Teacher, Grades 3–5 Social Studies
C1. Core Teacher, Grades 9–11 Tested Grades/Subjects
C2. Core Teacher, Grades 9–12 Non-Tested Grades/Subjects
D1. Core Teacher, Early Childhood through Grade 2
D2.  Core/Non-core Teachers Grades 6–12, At least two class periods of tested subjects but not majority of the day, Value-Added report
E. Core Special Education Teacher, No Value-Added report
F. Non-Core/Ancillary Teacher

Campus Support

  • Instructional support staff (degreed, certified or licensed professionals)
  • Teaching assistants
  • Operations support staff

Campus Leadership

  • Principals
  • Assistant principals


If you have questions, please e-mail e3questions@lubbockisd.org.

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