Institutes of higher education now have access to formative instructional practices (FIP) modules. Battelle for Kids are collaborating with higher education faculty involved in educator preparation programs to provide these modules at no cost through at least July 31, 2016.

Use these modules with your undergraduate and graduate students to provide them with a better understanding of the current context of education reform in Ohio and help them develop instructional pedagogy, classroom assessment, and instructional leadership skills.

Find out how other institutes of higher education are using these online learning resources.



Higher education faculty of undergraduate and graduate students in educator preparation programs now have access to the following resources:


Access codes for your students to enroll in the formative instructional practices modules may be requested in quantities of 50, 100, 150, and 200.

To make your request, contact Battelle for Kids' Support Team at support@battelleforkids.org and include your name, institution, and quantity of access codes requested. You will also need to sign the Limited License Agreement (below) before access codes are provided.

Please note:
If you already have a license agreement with Battelle for Kids, it must be updated effective August 1, 2014. Updated license agreements must be sent to Stephanie Dannemann via: email to sdannemann@battelleforkids.org; fax to (614) 481-8997, Attention: Stephanie Dannemann; or mail to 1160 Dublin Road, Suite 500, Columbus, OH 43215.

Download the Limited License Agreement.
Download the Higher Education Access and Enrollment Guide.


If you already have access to the FIP online learning courses, you can also access the Foundations of FIP Seminar materials, which suggest how you might organize a course leveraging the blended learning resources. The Foundations of FIP seminar is designed to deepen teachers' understanding of powerful, research-based instructional practices. The course is structured as a blended learning opportunity consisting of six virtual or face-to-face learning experiences.

Access the Foundations of FIP Seminar materials (login required).