Roster Verification

At Chicago Public Schools (CPS), our collective mission is to ensure that every student in every community has access to a high quality education that prepares them for success in college and career. In our efforts to make this mission a reality, we are upgrading and improving the systems and processes we use in order to provide our teachers with the tools and support they need to deliver the highest quality instruction to our students to boost student achievement. Roster verification is a process for accurately and transparently capturing the instructional attribution between teachers and students. This will allow CPS to continuously improve data quality.

It's important that teachers have an opportunity to confirm which students they taught for a particular subject and for what percentage of instruction they were responsible.

The process includes:

  • Establishing a roster of students taught throughout the year;
  • Indicating the month(s) when students are members of the class (i.e., mobility); and
  • Reporting the amount of instruction a teacher has for a given student for a given subject.

Who is involved:

Everyone plays a role. Principals, Chiefs of Schools, school support teams, and teachers across Chicago Public Schools will engage in district-wide student roster verification for the second time this school year.

Principals and support teams will play an important role in facilitating the verification process at their schools and approving the roster verification data their teachers submit. Each principal will assign a school support team of 1–2 individuals.

Teachers in grades Pre-K–12 who are responsible for each of the following will participate in roster verification:

  • Planning instruction; and
  • Providing the instruction; and,
  • Collaborating in the assignment of a grade for student(s)

Deepening Your Understanding

2015 Roster Verification Dates

School Setup:
May 4–May 15

Teacher Roster Verification:
May 18–June 5

School Review and Approval:
Due June 12

Thank you for your participation!

Your input and individual verification are critical in these efforts.

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