This portal provides access to online resources and the software for Roster Validation in Baltimore City Public Schools.

Roster Validation provides us with a clear picture of student attribution to teachers, to support research accountability and teacher/school effectiveness.

Through Roster Validation, teachers review and edit rosters populated from BCPS data systems. They indicate when the student was in the classroom and the percentage of assigned instruction provided for each student. Principals then review and confirm the teacher-validated rosters.

Deepening Your Understanding: Additional Resources
To help administrators, principals, district site coordinators, support contacts, and teachers understand and prepare for the Roster Validation process, the "Why Link?" video series and Facilitation Guide are available.

Video 1: Why Link? (7 minutes)
This first video, shows why districts should engage in the Roster Validation process.


Roster Validation describes the complex teacher-student learning experiences in our classrooms.

It precisely links teachers to their students, so that we can see which students were taught by which teacher or teachers for a particular subject.

Our goal is to create a dataset describing the influence of educators on students in our schools.

2014 Roster Validation Dates

School Setup: April 22-May 7
Roster Validation: May 8-23
Principal Review and Approval:
May 27-June 9

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Video 2: What is Linkage, and How Will it Affect Student Growth? (5 minutes)
Video 3: Why is Linkage Important? (5 minutes)
Video 4: Linkage Roles for Principals/Support Contacts (4 minutes)
Video 5: What is the Teacher Roster Verification Process? (3 minutes)
Video 6: What are the Final Steps with Linkage? (3 minutes)

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