Academic Growth over Time (AGT) is a system of measuring student learning gains that helps us to understand how much progress individual students have made on standardized tests from one year to the next. AGT is based on a value-added approach that controls for a student’s performance from the prior year, along with information about external factors that often influence test results, to compute expected performance. This provides a more complete picture of student learning because AGT compares a student's actual performance to his or her expected performance, giving us a sense of the growth made in addition to expected learning gains in a given year.

AGT also allows us to examine the impact of schools and educators on students’ learning outcomes by combining the value-added results for groups of students in the same classrooms and schools. The Board of Education and the Superintendent have been committed to the selection of the most relevant and accurate statistical model to compute school-level AGT results for use by our schools and educators. AGT results represent one piece of useful data that has deepened our understanding of the complex picture of student learning. We encourage you to examine these results alongside our other measures.

This portal provides access to AGT reports and information.